Combwich Wharf refurbishment update

As part of our plans for Hinkley Point C, we will be refurbishing the existing wharf at Combwich to allow large loads to be brought in by sea more efficiently and unloaded safely.

The refurbishment works are due to take place between summer 2019 and winter 2020. We will be upgrading the current wharf, as well as creating a new berth hardstanding that allows vessels to be unloaded when the tide is out.

The next loads to be delivered to Combwich will be the large components for the tunnel boring machine, which will arrive later this year.

Once unloaded, the loads will be carefully transported via an existing private road around the village of Combwich, onto the main road to the Hinkley Point C construction site.

We will continue to work with the local community and keep them informed of our plans for both the wharf refurbishment and future deliveries to Combwich.


Computer generated images of the wharf when refurbishment is complete at low and high tide

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