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EDF statement: Conclusion of consultation with the EDF Works Council

By Hinkley Point C media team | Posted July 04, 2016

The EDF Company Works Council (CCE) met today (Monday 4 July 2016) in order to receive an opinion about the terms of the partnership with CGN to undertake the project to build two EPR reactors at Hinkley Point C (HPC) in south west England.

This Works Council meeting brings to an end seven months of fruitful exchange and sharing of substantial information with the employees’ representatives. The company was determined to hold a process of meaningful social dialogue and decided on 22 April 2016 to consult the Company Works Council. The company has given comprehensive information to the CCE since the official start of the consultation on 2 May 2016. At hearings on 9 May and prior to the meeting on 4 July, the company also made every effort to answer accurately all the written questions from the employees’ representatives and their appointed experts so that they would be able to give an informed  opinion.

During the meeting on 4 July, EDF offered to provide information about the consequences on the HPC project of the British vote on 23 June. EDF relies on existing sensitivity studies which had already been communicated to the employee representatives and considers that the vote does not change the fundamental features of the project nor the willingness of those involved to go ahead with it.  

At the end of the meeting this morning, employee representatives from the trade unions, CGT, FO and CFE-CGC supported a resolution stating they are not in a position to give their opinion about the project. The representatives from CFDT abstained from voting on this resolution.

The full period of consultation required by law has reached its end and the opinion of the CCE is now considered as having been given.

EDF reconfirms its confidence in the HPC project which has now reached the stage for the Board’s final investment decision.

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