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The world of HPC (Young HPC)

A project of this size involves a huge range of companies and people. In this section you can discover more about the project, who the project partners are and what they do.

Jobs available during each phase of construction

Job Families

The opportunities available at Hinkley Point C don’t stop at just construction – there’s everything! From catering to cleaning, security to site operations, administration to access control, finance and project management.

Hinkley Point C | site tour

Meet the contractors

Kier BAM

The Kier BAM joint venture is carrying out earthworks and site preparation at Hinkley Point C. Their teams will move millions of tonnes of earth to ensure that the ground is ready for construction. At this stage of the project, lots of plant operators and operatives are needed to get the job done. A lot of these skills will then become transferable to other jobs as the project progresses.


BYLOR brings together two companies, Bouygues and Laing O’Rourke, to oversee the civil engineering aspect at Hinkley Point C alongside EDF Energy, key suppliers and other contract companies.BYLOR has already employed some steel fixer apprentices who will have the opportunity to work on the construction of Hinkley Point C in the future.

Somerset Larder

A local partnership made of several companies that provide the catering and food services at Hinkley Point C. Whichever apprenticeship you choose with Somerset Larder (Professional Cookery and Barista Mastery) the skills you will learn are transferable to many different career paths. There are plenty of opportunities to progress within the organisation, right through to the highest management levels.


EDF is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers and businesses with electricity and gas. It generates electricity with eight nuclear power stations, more than 30 wind farms, one gas and two coal power stations, as well as with combined heat and power plants. It is also taking the lead in developing the next generation of new nuclear power stations in the UK – supplying the UK with safe, secure electricity for decades to come.


A multi national firm that will be delivering both the security and facilities management support and infrastructure across the Hinkley Point C project. These particular elements are vital to the day to day operation and continued functionality of the construction site. 

Somerset Passenger Solutions

Somerset Passenger Solutions currently run a prestigious contract, providing all of the transport needs to support the Hinkley Point C development project.  SPS is a joint venture between Southern National and First Group (South West) Ltd and will operate the contract from the end of 2016 through to 2025. At maximum capacity we will be carrying up to 6,500 people a day in and out of the Hinkley Point C construction site on a brand new fleet of Yutong coaches.

Balfour Beatty Bailey

Balfour Beatty Bailey is a joint venture of Balfour Beatty, the international infrastructure group, and NG Bailey, the UK’s largest independent engineering and services company. The joint venture will deliver the infrastructure that will power the station and its operations, including the design and installation of around 76,000 cables totalling over 3,000km in length!


At Hinkley Point C, AREVA NP will be responsible for the delivery of the two nuclear steam supply systems, from design and supply to commissioning. It will also design, supply, install and commission the plant’s operational, safety and control systems. During operation, the company will also supply the longterm fabrication for the fuel

Somerset Infrastructure Alliance

The Somerset Infrastructure Alliance (SIA) is comprised of 3 Contractors – Skanska Infrastructure Services Ltd, Forest Traffic Services Ltd and RK Bell Projects Limited. The role of Somerset Infrastructure Alliance at HPC is to support NNB Site Operations, primarily consisting of civils and maintenance work but also traffic management and plant provision.


Actan is a joint venture of Doosan Babcock UK, Cofely Axima and Tunzini Nucléaire. Together they will design, qualify, procure, install and test all of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment needed for Hinkley Point C’s operation. The contract will last for around seven years and require hundreds of skilled workers.


GE technology will be involved in installing the large turbines needed to generate electricity at Hinkley Point C. GE is also partnering with Bridgwater College to train the next generation of the nation’s nuclear high pressure welders for future projects.

Cavendish Boccard

Cavendish Boccard Nuclear is a joint venture between Cavendish Nuclear, a wholly owned subsidiary of the FTSE100 company Babcock International Group and the UK’s leading supplier to the nuclear industry, and Boccard, the French engineering, manufacturing, installation and industrial maintenance specialist that has extensive experience of the French nuclear power fleet, including the current EDF Flamanville 3 EPR new build project.

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