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Job families (Young HPC)

The opportunities available at Hinkley Point C don’t stop at just construction – there’s everything! From catering to cleaning, security to site operations, administration to access control, finance and project management.

Site Operations


Working to help Somerset Larder serve 8,000 meals a day at the Hinkley Point C site, using 1.5m eggs, half a million kilos of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, 20 tonnes of cheese and 1.2m tea bags each year. In addition to the preparation and cooking of the food, those involved will ensure that eating areas are kept clean, appropriately presented and stocked, operate tills as required, and ensure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to.

Access Control

Working alongside the security team, who run Hinkley Point C’s access control, there are opportunities available not only with the control room team but also perimeter security and visitor search and screening, as well as vetting of on-site contractors.


How does driving for a living sound? Drivers are responsible for transporting staff and suppliers whilst providing good customer service and a safe and comfortable journey. Training courses are available to enable drivers to become fully licensed with PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) and CPC (Professional Competence) qualifications. These courses usually take around five weeks to complete.

Facilities Management

This involves liaising with contractors, managing the day-to-day operational duties of the site, assisting the office with ordering parts and liaising with suppliers regarding quotes. Working with the facilities management team, you’d be responsible for coordination of the office and maintenance teams within the business.


The Hinkley Point C security teams conduct duties at the site main entry point, carry out search procedures, conduct patrols, produce incident reports and support the emergency services – fancy joining them?


Fancy a role with the commercial team and being involved in the financial running of the project? There are lots of opportunities available at Hinkley Point C including estimators, accountants, contracts and contract law, supply chain specialists, project risk, procurement and quantity surveyors.


Administrators play an essential part in supporting specialist teams. They need to be extremely organised and have a good understanding of what colleagues require to enable works to happen on site – does that sound like you?


We are looking for cleaners to work across our offices and sites. They will play a key role in cleaning all surfaces, hard floors, fixtures, fittings and carpets. They will help with reporting accidents and incidents.

Civil Construction


Within the enabling team you can be involved in environmental, health and safety, administration, logistics and quality – there are so many roles to choose from!


Fancy being directly involved in the construction of the Hinkley Point C site? There are all sorts of opportunities available with the team including works managers, land surveyors, engineers, steelworkers and crane supervisors and so many more!

Plant Operations

Plant operators will drive and operate equipment including large earth-moving trucks, forklifts, cranes and special purpose machinery. The equipment will be involved in excavating, digging trenches and generalearth and plant-moving operations.


Computer-aided design (CAD) utilizes systems to create technical drawings for the Hinkley Point C construction project, and as a CAD engineer, you will use computer-aided design software to create the designs used to manufacture products or construct buildings. These professionals may specialize in many areas including civil construction, but also mechanical, and electrical.

Construction Site Operations

This area involves specialist crafts, trades and specialisms that are needed to run a construction site the size of a small town (the site alone has an electricity requirement of more than 28,000 homes.) Site operations directly contributes to the on site operational delivery of the Hinkley Point C construction project – think you have what it takes?

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers play a specific role in creating, improve and protecting the infrastructure that supports the way in which we live. They plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of structures such as roads, railways, airports, bridges, harbor’s, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, and water and sewerage systems.

Plant Maintenance

Do you like fixing things? If so, perhaps working in this area will suit you. Expect to contribute to Hinkley Point C’s operational delivery, ensuring that the vast amount of equipment used, from excavators to ride on rollers, is working safely and correctly day to day.

Project Management

Hinkley Point C has loads of management opportunities available both on site and off - want to get more hands on, or rather stay behind a desk? Hinkley Point C has it all.

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E)


Utilities act as the ‘lifeblood’ of any project and can come in the form of Water, Electricity, Liquid Fuel, Gas(s) and importantly communications, such as fibre optics and wireless networks. This includes jobs such as Cable Pullers who work across projects including plant, communications and electronics. Their main duties include measuring, cutting and bending wire, cable and conduit.


Insulation is crucial when building Hinkley Point C, as it will keeping the plant working at the correct temperature when operational. General responsibilities include the thermal insulation of materials, surface claddings and coatings to pipes, vessels, tanks, and other equipment or other mechanical systems that will be used at Hinkley Point C in order to control its temperature.


Did you know that Hinkley Point C needs 38,000 individual segments of tunnel in order for sea water to be brought for cooling the steam in the Nuclear power station? For this to happen, specialist tunnelling machines, as well as a variety of support roles such as surveying and lifting will be used. These roles, and specialist equipment have the task of creating a tunnel approximately 3.3 km under the Severn Estuary  – could one of the jobs related to tunnelling be for you?


The construction of a jetty at Hinkley Point C  will bring an estimated 2.8 million tonnes of bulk materials to site, and reduce the amount of vehicles on the roads. In order to build this structure a variety of job roles are required in a marine, or offshore construction environment.


Electrical engineering technicians install, commission, maintain and repair equipment and controls. They also calibrate, inspect and test equipment and machinery to make sure it works correctly and safely.

Lifting Occupations

This skill will be a vital at Hinkley Point C, and is about the lifting,  lowering and assembly of a loads and components into much larger elements of the power station. A load is the item or items being lifted and can be performed manually or using lifting equipment.


This is a highly skilled role involving welding plate, pipe or structural steel to join important components together. Welders will be needed during both the civil engineering and the mechanical engineering phases through out the Hinkley Point C project.


As an ecologist at Hinkley Point C you would help support the planting of 20,000 trees that will not only support the local environment, but will also create woodland and hedgerows for a variety of wildlife, such as badgers and reptiles, during construction. 

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