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Thanks for taking part!

You're now taking part in our Beat the Peak challenge event. Earning money from reducing your energy usage during peak times, Helping Britain reduce its carbon emissions!

What do I need to do next?

Get ready to take part in this event. Remember to try and shift your energy consumption to before or after the event.

For example;

  • putting your washing machine on earlier, so that the load finishes before the event or
  • delaying the dishwasher until after the event.

Once we've worked out how much energy you've saved, we'll email you to let you know how much you've earned.  This will be credited to your energy account within two weeks after the event closes.

Three ways to beat the peak!

1. Stop showering during peak times

If you can take a shower using an electric shower outside of the peak times, you could earn between £5.24 and £7.88(1)

2. Put your washing machine on later

Using your washing machine after peak hours means you could earn between £3 and £7.20(2)

3. Stop using your tumbler dryer at peak times

Give your tumble dryer a break during the peak. You could earn between £3.38 - £5.63(3)

Yes, of course, you can opt-out of the beat the peak challenge at any time. Just use the opt-out link on the email. This does mean that you've opted out of the challenge, not just one of the events.

No, the great news is we've identified you as a customer with a working smart meter, which means we can automatically take meter readings to calculate how much energy you use.

This means all you need to do is focus on ways to reduce your energy during peak periods. We'll do the rest.

No, participating in the Beat the Peak challenge doesn't impact your energy tariff or plan.

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