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Once they're on board, we'll give you BOTH £50 credit

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Refer away!

Share your unique link with friends and family. Once they're on board we'll add £50 credit to each of your accounts. And you can spend that £50 elsewhere!


Start referring

You can only refer friends who are not existing EDF customers. Exclusions apply. See full Terms & Conditions.

Not a customer?

Don’t worry, join EDF today and you can still get up to £50 bill credit.

What you need to know

  • Get started using the ‘Start referring?’ button above.
  • Choose how you’d like to share the offer with your friends.
  • They sign up online.
  • If their sign up is successful and they join EDF after 30 days of them being supplied by us, you'll both receive £50 credit to your accounts

Further information

If they follow the referral link, all will be confirmed as soon as they switch, they don’t need to do anything else. You’ll be able to track in your dashboard how many of your friends have used the referral link you've shared with them.

If your friend tries to use the referral link via a different website like neither of you will receive the £50 credit.

Refer a Friend rewards explained

Our current reward

Our current refer a friend reward is a £50 credit to both your accounts. You'll be able to see the credit on your account or statement once your friend has been on supply with EDF for 30 days.

Expiry and eligibility

This EDF promotion is subject to Terms and Conditions