Our Sustainability Performance report outlines the progress we have made so far in delivering a low-carbon future.

Our Report entitled ‘Our Better Energy Ambitions Report’ maintains our commitment, as communicated in the Sustainable Business policy statement by our CEO, to report publicly on our mission and our six company ambitions. The report which is a vessel of transparency and accountability is intended for all our key stakeholders: customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, public bodies, opinion formers, trade unions and NGOs.

It provides a better understanding of the dimensions of the issues we face and trusted sustainability reporting on material issues is a persuasive agent and aids engagement.

Reporting scope and boundary

The report covers the activities of EDF Energy UK Ltd, and other subsidiaries, that are deemed to be in the scope of our Better Energy Ambitions.

As a subsidiary of EDF Group, EDF Energy is not listed on the London Stock Exchange and so we are not obliged by law to comply with Stock Exchange rules, or to adopt the same standards as listed companies. However, as a subsidiary of EDF Group which is listed in Paris we have certain obligations under Autorité Des Marches Financiers (AMF) Regulations and we always seek to operate to the highest standards. For more detailed information please visit: http://www.edfenergy.com/about/governance

The EDF Energy Sustainable Business policy statement commits to effective engagement on our Better Energy Ambitions. The content of our reports is shaped and informed in dialogue with a broad range of energy industry stakeholders such as industry publications, government and regulatory bodies, trade unions, user groups, NGOs, partners and suppliers as well as employees and customers.  

In terms of subject scope, this web report focuses on sustainability issues assessed as most material to our business. We have striven to remain objective and report in an open, honest and balanced way.

Reporting period

The Annual Better Energy Ambitions Report covers the January 1, to December 31, period every year, unless stated otherwise. This report serves as a summary document and reference is sometimes made to relevant detailed information that is available in other sections of our corporate and group websites.

Reporting measurement approaches

Our individual business units collect and process their performance data using the best available national or international methodologies and techniques for measurement, calculation and analysis wherever possible. For example, we use the World Association Nuclear Operators (WANO) definitions and approaches to reporting our nuclear safety performance; we comply with DEFRA-approved approaches for calculating CO2 emissions; recognised national and international-approved methodologies for employee incident rates and manufacturers’ recommendations for eco-efficiency savings.

Our key performance indicators are defined in document form and are subject to control procedures as well as regular review. We also employ a Company Assurance and Data Controller to assess and attest to the consistency and quality of reporting. The objective is to represent fairly the ambitions performance and achievements.

Our Better Energy Ambitions Report has changed scope in line with feedback from our stakeholders to produce a shorter more concise report. It is now presented as a high level summary of our Better Energy Ambitions performance with references where possible to more detailed information on our website at:  www.EDFEnergy.com

How data is assured internally

While producing a comprehensive and balanced performance report is important, it is not enough on its own. We need to make sure that all data is robust. To assure our data, we have gone beyond the practice of relying solely on automatic systems as a means of control. Instead, we have established a company assurance and data control management role within our Business Performance and Internal Control team. That role reviews evidence and checks and challenges data across our business. We also employ external assurance providers to carry out additional annual checks on our systems and data.

Independent assurance statement – Interim observations

Corporate Citizenship has undertaken a limited verification of the data and assertions contained in the Better Energy Ambitions 2015 report. On the basis of the work performed, nothing came to our attention that causes us to believe that the selected performance data and assertions in the report are materially misstated. They also evaluate our adherence to ISAE 3000 based assurance. 

A full assurance statement for this report and the online content will be available on completion of the assurance on our download centre.

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Better Energy Ambitions Report

Our report covers progress on our Better Energy Ambitions which are our plan for a sustainable business.

What do you think of our Better Energy Ambitions?

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