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We can provide your organisation with all the metering expertise it needs, through our smarter metering and half-hourly metering contracts

The government has legislated that all electricity meters with a profile class 5-8 have to be of an advanced type by April 2014. Click to apply

How to get smarter (AMR) metering installed?

If you are supplied by EDF Energy, you may be entitled to have your non half-hourly meter(s) upgraded to smarter AMR metering. Simply fill-in and submit the request form to us. Alternatively you can contact us on 0845 300 6929, if you prefer to speak to someone. We will be in touch within 5 working days to provide all the details you need before we start exchanging your existing meter(s).

Complete an online application form for AMR meter installations

What is AMR?

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters are the first generation of smarter meters. An AMR meter includes a recording device and a one-way communication link to allow remote collection of your consumption data, enabling you to gain more control over your usage.

What benefits do AMR meters offer me?

  • fewer site visits and therefore less administration
  • improved billing accuracy
  • availability of your consumption data (with Energy View)
  • better budgeting for energy costs, including carbon reporting

How do I know that my meter is an AMR meter?

If you have agreed a metering contract together with your EDF Energy supply contract, AMR metering charges are displayed on your invoice. However, if you have a direct contract with a meter operator, no charge appears on your electricity invoice as you are being charged directly by your meter operator.

Note: You may wish to get your meters upgraded either via your electricity supplier or directly via your chosen meter operator. In both cases, you will need to contact us on the above phone number so we can start the meter exchange process.

How can I view my consumption data?

The consumption data of your meters can be viewed via our online energy monitoring tool, Energy View.

What if I have specific metering requirements?

Our Energy Field Services department are our metering experts. They have national meter installation capability and can provide a full service from meter installation to data provision.

Your sub-metering, multi-utility and half-hourly meters can be installed via a Meter Operator contract (see next tab above).

Half-hourly metering contracts

Fed-up with dealing with different meter operators? Well now there’s a solution. We provide half-hourly metering services nationally. Simplify your metering arrangements with a competitive Meter Operator Contract - one contract for your entire half-hourly metered portfolio.

All the metering expertise you need

Our Customer Field Services team can help you:

  • Specify – the right meter technology for your sites
  • Fit – your chosen meters
  • Manage – your metering technology, including maintaining them for life.

“I have been very happy with the service provided by EDF Energy.  Our successful business relationship has been founded on their professionalism and attention to detail.” - Brian Reed, Furniture Village’s Energy Manager.

For more information, contact:

Geoff Denham
Development & Sales Account Manager
07875 119084 or