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There are a number of things that you should do before you call us to report a power cut or loss of supply

What to do if your electricity goes off unexpectedly

Checking your fuses or your trip switch

  • If your trip switch is in the off position, try to move it back to the on position. If this works, the power will come back on
  • If this hasn't worked and the trip switch moves back to the off position, you may have a fault on one of your appliances or house wiring circuits
  • To find out, switch off and unplug all appliances and move the trip switch back to the on position. If it moves back to the off position, check your individual wiring circuits
  • If your trip switch stays on, plug in and switch on your appliances one at a time. If the trip switch moves to the off position with a particular appliance, then it means the appliance may be faulty

If your fuses are working and the trip switch is in the on position, phone us on the emergency number for your area (found on your bill). We'll give you details of any charges that we might make if we call at your property and the fault turns out to be on your wiring.