Hinkley Point B power station

Hinkley Point B is a nuclear power station near Bridgwater in Somerset. The station was the first Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor to generate electricity to the grid in the UK.

Since 1976 Hinkley Point B has generated low carbon electricity for 81 million homes

Avoiding 105.5m tonnes of CO2 emissions*

Like taking every car off the UK’s roads for 18 months

*when compared to direct emissions of combined cycle gas turbines | all figures rounded to the nearest hundred thousand

Watch video: Take a look around Hinkley Point B nuclear power station with Station Director Peter Evens

Take a look around
Hinkley Point B

Tour Hinkley Point B and discover the integral role graphite plays in Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors.

About Hinkley Point B

  • Station Director: Mike Davies
  • Reactor type: 2 Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors
  • Total supply to the national grid: 965 MW
  • Coolant: Carbon dioxide gas (CO2)
  • Start of construction: 1967
  • Start of generation: 1976
  • Estimated decommissioning date: July 2022
  • People: Approximately 535 full time EDF employees, plus over 220 full time contract partners
  • Daily plant status - find out which reactors at our eight nuclear power stations are in service and what they are generating (data updated on weekdays)

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Picture of Hinkley Point B nuclear power station

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