Take a meter reading

If we've been in touch to let you know your prices are increasing from 1 October, you may want to give us a meter reading. Don't worrry you have until 7 October to submit them.

You don't need to send us a reading if;

Extra support you don't need to apply for

Government Energy Price Guarantee

The Energy Price Guarantee limits the amount you can be charged per unit of gas or electricity. Your bills will still reflect how much energy you use.

Energy Bills Support Scheme

The EBSS offers every household across Great Britain a £400 non-repayable discount which will be paid in 6 instalments from October.

Support for businesses

Extra support for businesses has been announced this winter by the government. We're still working on how we'll apply this for our business customers. 

It's more than likely that you're better off staying with your current energy supplier right now. This is due to the rising energy prices. Want us to alert you when energy prices go down? Sign up for our price alert emails, and we'll let you know when this happens.  

Other ways to save with EDF

Save up to £70 with Energy Hub(1)

Have you got a smart meter? Energy hub(2) uses your smart meter data to give you a personalised view of your energy use, with tips to help you save money and cut your carbon footprint. All positive steps to help Britain Achieve Net Zero. 

Start today! Log into MyAccount to view your Energy Hub

Save up to £1,060(3) a year on your energy bills with home insulation

With rising energy prices, we're all looking for ways to save on energy, as well as keep warm next winter. 

Did you know a well-insulated home can cut heat loss by 33%?(4)

We've teamed up with professional insulation installers to help you get your home working as efficiently as possible.

Saving for the future

Megan Hopkins

Helping build Britain's wind, nuclear and solar energy supply

Rising wholesale gas costs around the world have seen energy prices skyrocket.

That’s why we’re busy building Britain’s own wind, nuclear and solar energy supply – to reduce our reliance on energy imports and help prevent future gas price rises.

VW e-Up in black

Lease a Volkswagen e-Up from £245 per month

We've teamed up with DriveElectric, one of the UK's leading EV lease providers, to bring you hand-picked EV leasing deals.

Don't miss out, check out this deal and start your electric adventure.

Drive electric and help reach Net Zero

Driving electric cars (EVs) will help cut Britain’s carbon emissions. We have everything you need to drive electric – electric car leasing deals, home charging points and 100% renewable zero carbon EV tariffs(5).

With EDF you get

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Zero Carbon

Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(6)

Zero Hassle

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