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Sunday Saver FAQs

Still have some questions about the Sunday Saver trial? No problem. View our FAQs below. 

From Monday, 2 October 2023, to Friday, 20 October 2023, we'll take half-hourly smart meter readings to work out your baseline for the trial period. We'll calculate the proportion of electricity you use during peak hours (16:00-19:00) against the amount you use outside of peak hours (19:00-16:00). This will explain your split and will be used as your benchmark throughout the trial period.

On Sundays, you’ll be rewarded with free electricity for reducing the weekly amount of electricity you use during peak hours against your baseline. You'll get four hours of free electricity every Sunday for every 1% reduction in the amount of electricity used during peak hours. This is capped at 4%, meaning the maximum free electricity you can earn each Sunday is 16 hours.

The free electricity period starts every Sunday morning at 08:00. The maximum free electricity period is between 08:00 and 00:00. So save your clothes washing till Sunday morning, use the oven to cook food for the week on a Sunday, binge-watch your new series - however and whatever you use lots of energy for - Sunday's your day

The credit you earn will be added to your account within two weeks. Payments will show as ‘Sunday Saver []’ on your electricity bill or online statement.

You’ll still benefit from this trial and get the free electricity on Sundays.

You’ll be charged for the electricity you use during the trial as normal, and we’ll credit your account back with any money owed to you from the trial.

Each Monday, we’ll send you an email confirming how much electricity you used on the previous Sunday and how much money this equates to.

Free electricity will be calculated by multiplying your total Sunday Saver hours consumption by the unit rate of the electricity product you have a contract for.

Yes. If at any point you wish to opt out of the trial, please click on the opt-out link in the enrolment or notification email, and we’ll remove you. Alternatively, you can use this link to opt-out now.

No. The trial will not affect your energy tariff.

No. All you need for this trial is a working smart meter that communicates with us. This is so we can take automatic meter readings to calculate the energy you’ve used.

Peak hours for using electricity are between 16:00 – 19:00, Monday to Friday.

If you can shift your energy use outside of the 4-7pm peak, you’ll be rewarded with up to 16 hours of free energy every Sunday.

There’s a lot of pressure on the National Grid during peak times, so by using energy outside of peak times, you’ll be helping Britain balance the grid’s supply and demand.

When the grid is in high demand, it sometimes has to top-up supply with fossil fuel-based electricity. By shifting your consumption outside of the 4-7 pm peak, you’ll be helping Britain cut carbon as the grid will use less fossil fuels to power our homes and businesses.

You’ll be one of just 350 people taking part in this trial and your feedback will play a pivotal role in helping us make the scheme even better when we launch to market!

This is just about your electricity. Any gas you use, such as heating your home with a gas boiler, cooking appliances that use gas and so on, will not be included in the trial.

There is a cap of 350 participants. However, you’ll be eligible if:

  • EDF supplies your electricity
  • You have a 1-rate smart meter that communicates and gives half-hourly reads. (Don’t worry if you’re not half hourly, you can opt-in now. Just go to MyAccount and under ‘About me’ click on ‘Smart meter read preferences’, and change this to ‘Every 30 minutes’)
  • Have an account number that starts with 'A’
  • Marketing opt-in selected
  • Will share your valuable feedback with us

We’re trialling this product in our new system, so it’s only eligible for accounts that have been migrated. If your account number starts with ‘A’ you’re in the new system and can apply for this trial. Don’t worry, though, we'll be taking the learnings from this trial to launch a product to all customers next year.

  • Try limiting the use of your electric shower to the morning only
  • Switch off your TV, games console, and other electrical gadgets when they're not in use, rather than leaving them on standby mode
  • Change the time or day you put your washing machine on, and if it's a sunny day, dry your washing outside, rather than using the tumble drier
  • Make sure to fully fill your dishwasher before starting it, and use it in off-peak hours

Our interactive home appliance guide helps you understand the biggest electricity users in your home. Finding out which appliances consume the most electricity will help you with this challenge.

If we’re unable to pull 90% of your half-hourly meter readings, we won’t be able to provide you with free electricity for that week. If we’re not able to gain readings on a Sunday, we’ll use estimated average consumption values to calculate the reward value.

If your smart meter becomes disconnected or you move house, you must get in touch with us, and we reserve the right to remove you from the trial.

You can send your feedback to