Kickstarting careers in science, technology, engineering, and maths

Industrial placements and graduate schemes with EDF Energy

We believe in unlocking the potential of a new generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Lots of our power stations offer paid industrial placements, giving the chance for university students to sample life in the energy industry, and give their careers a head-start.

What are the placements?

The placements are open to anybody studying a graduate degree or higher in a relevant subject. They just need to have the passion and drive to develop new skills on location.

Emily Groves works in our Early Careers team. She thinks that encouraging younger people to explore different career options is vital to the success of the industry. Emily says:

“It’s so important to reach people just as they are looking at starting their career. We present them with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. The people that take part in our industrial placements get a lot of exposure to different parts of the business, but they’re working a real role. They’re an essential part of the team.”

How does it work?

Each placement lasts 12 months, and comes with a £15,000 salary, holiday allowance, and mentorship to provide a launchpad for a career after university.

Amy Clarkstone took a year out from her physics degree for an industrial placement in radiation protection at Suffolk. She wanted to go beyond theoretical physics and apply her learnings to the real world. Amy says:

“It was a good year, I really enjoyed it. There was a constant stream of other young people coming through from the graduate scheme, so I never felt lonely. You get given responsibilities and just learn so much.”

What happens after the placement?

Her university supported her taking this time out, and after the placement, Amy was offered a space on our graduate scheme, with a bursary to help finish the final year of her degree.

“It made me realise as I was revising how lucky I was not to have to go through job applications at the same time. I knew I had a great opportunity waiting for me.”

That opportunity was to be part of a group of 30 graduates who would spend a total of 16 months travelling around the country working at different EDF Energy sites, including at least two power stations. Amy says:

“It’s so varied. I could have a stint on a coal power station if I wanted, or spend time working in renewables to see what that’s like. The scheme is about seeing as much as you can, meeting as many people as possible, and just working out what it is that you really want to do.”

Throughout the scheme graduates get supported by a single Career Manager, wherever they are placed. They are also assigned a mentor, and are connected with graduates from the year above who can answer any questions they have as part of a buddy system.

What are the opportunities after the scheme?

Now in the final stage of her graduate scheme placement as an Energy Environmental Safety Engineer in Hartlepool, Amy will officially become a permanent EDF Energy employee at the start of 2016.

“I can’t wait. Now when I visit schools to talk to year 10 students about my career, the girls are just astounded when I turn up in my hardhat and boots. They seem so surprised that there are these opportunities open to them, and it’s great to be able to inspire them.”

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