Here’s how you do it

1. If you’re already an EDF Energy customer and you’re not receiving this saving, you can register by emailing with your account number and your employee ID.

2.If you’d like a friend or family member instead to enjoy this discount, you can email with your employee ID, plus the account number you’d like the saving to be applied to.

3. If you're not yet an EDF Energy customer but you’d like to join us and take advantage of the saving, you can:

  •    Call 0800 587 2260 and speak to a Customer Service Advisor.
  •    Once you’ve submitted your opening meter readings, email your employee ID, account details and address to

The saving will appear on your bill as a ‘standing charge correction’.


Who is eligible?

If you’re an EDF Energy employee managed by EDF Energy Payroll you can register from the date you join the company and become a customer.

The saving is applicable on all tariffs and all meter types – however, only one saving per EDF Energy employee is permitted. This saving can be applied to your account or can be applied to a friends or family members account as a gift.

The saving can only be applied to residential EDF Energy Dual Fuel or EDF Energy Electricity Only accounts, where there is no mains gas at the property.

Agency workers, contractors and those not on the EDF Energy payroll cannot register.