Our tariffs

  • Prices fixed at varying lengths to suit customer needs
  • We offer the same product suite for new and existing customers
  • Protection from price changes during fixed term period

This tariff is designed to help customers build up their payment history with us and is offered to those with a credit score of 0-15.  

  • Prices are fixed for 12 months 
  • Options at the end of the fixed term 

A customer will automatically move onto this tariff if they don’t give termination notice (within 30 days of their Fixed For Business contract end date). 

  • Fixed price for 12 months
  • Whilst on this tariff a customer can sign up to a new Fixed for Business contract at any time or provide 30 days’ termination notice without a fee

We're here to make energy easy

Our secure web-based service MyAccount

Provides our SME customers with everything they need to manage their account online:

  • Submit meter readings 
  • Pay Balances securely
  • Monitor consumption
  • 24/7 Live Chat support team
  • Track switching process
  • Request a smart meter

Useful contacts

  • SME Registrations Team - SMETPISupport@edfenergy.com or call 0800 056 5428
  • SME Customer Services - SMECustomerservices@edfenergy.com
  • SME Business Moves team - SMEMove@edfenergy.com
  • SME Commission - SMECommission@edfenergy.com
  • Residential Customer Services - 0800 096 9000
  • Major Business Customer Services - 0845 366 3664
  • Smart Metering - SMESmartMetering@edfenergy.com or call 0800 068 5918
  • New Connections - NewConnections@edfenergy.com or call 0800 068 8257


Our Letter of Authority process

Send Letter of Authority (LOA) to SMELOA@edfenergy.com within 1 year of the signed date 

Customer will receive a confirmation email to let them know if the Letter of Authority has been accepted

If accepted the Letter of Authority will be held on the customer’s account for the duration of the contract (unless otherwise stated) 

Take us with you when you move

Moving into a new business that is already being supplied by us?

If you're moving into a business premise that is supplied by us, you'll need to contact our SME Business Moves team and they'll set up an account for you. We might ask you for a valid Land Registration document, tenancy agreement, management agreement and/or solicitors letter as proof.

Please email smemove@edfenergy.com or call 0800 404 7413

Couple moving boxes

Moving out of your business premises?

Before you move out of your premises you'll need to contact our Business Moves team. Please make sure you have a final meter reading from the date your lease agreement ends (when you're no longer responsible) and also please provide a forwarding address so we can send you a final bill once your account is closed. We might ask you to provide a valid Land Registration document, tenancy agreement, management agreement and/or solicitors letter as proof to show you have left the premises. 

Please email smemove@edfenergy.com or call 0800 404 7413


Smart meters with EDF Energy

Lady at the kitchen table with smart meter in the foreground

Smart meters are the new generation of electricity and gas meters being rolled out across Great Britain. Soon they will replace all existing electricity and gas meters. Where you are in the country, the type of business and the kind of meter you have can affect when you can get a smart meter installed. If we can’t install right now, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can get you one. We’re doing all we can to install smart meters for our customers as quickly as possible. If you have any questions you can email our dedicated smart metering business team at SMESmartMetering@edfenergy.com or call 0800 068 5918.