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At EDF Energy we make it easy for you to compare business energy contracts online - within 60 seconds! We know you're busy running a business, so we’d like to make things simple and straightforward with your energy prices. Our online prices are the best available electricity and gas business rates (subject to a credit check), which could save your business money.

Why quote online? By obtaining a quote online, you have instant access to all of our prices (no hidden contracts) and we’ll offer the best rates (subject to a credit check) - so it’s always better to come to us direct and sign up at a time that is convenient to you. If you're unsure or need help, our dedicated 24/7 live chat team are here to help.

Why switch? Switching business gas and electricity to EDF Energy could be a good way to reduce your business costs. Especially if you’re on a “out of contract” price (such as ‘deemed’ business rates) which are considerably more. At EDF Energy, we'll take care of the switch, all you need to do is select a start date up to 150 days in advance or if you're not in contract we can switch your business energy within 3 weeks. 

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24/7 access to our online management tool MyAccount and App
7% discount for paying monthly by Direct Debit
24/7 access to Live Chat for existing customers 

These are some of the reasons over 8 out of 10 customers choose
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Fixed for business

We have a range of competitive fixed contracts rates, giving you price security and peace of mind.

Freedom for business

Our variable tariff provides complete flexibility if you don't want to commit to a fixed term contract.

We’ve teamed up with American Express to bring you our unique tariff.

Find out more about American Express® fixed 

Moving in or moving out

  • If you're moving into a new premises or shortly leaving - We make it simple and strightward to submit your request.  

Energy saving for businesses

  • We know all businesses are different and it can be difficult to see where you can save energy. See our energy saving page.

Multi sites and developers

  • If you're a landlord, local authority or property developer we can work to find you the best solution for your needs.

EV within your business?

  • If you have an Electric Vehicle (EV) within your business, We’re offering the first 1,000 customers with an Electric Vehicle who sign up to a Fixed Term contract a credit against their first 3 months’ Fixed Daily Charge.

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Energy for your home?

We offer a range of competitive contracts for electricity and gas for your home.


The future of energy in Great Britain. Every business will have a Smart meter installed in the next few years.

Frequently asked questions

Why switch business energy suppliers?

Switching business energy suppliers is one way to reduce business costs. Recent research commissioned by EDF Energy found that 6 in 10 small businesses could make easy savings by switching energy provider. At EDF Energy, we take care of the full switching process, all we need is an opening meter read once we’re ready to complete the switch. Businesses are able to benefit from managing their account(s) online with MyAccount, 24/7 Live Chat support & free UK based business advisers. 

Could I save by switching business energy?

All businesses are different, we just need to know your address and how much energy you use to get you a conprtitive business quote with EDF Energy online. See if you could save money by comparing unit rates and standing charges as well as monthly and annual cost projections.   

It’s difficult to say how much a business could save, as quotes are dependent on Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) and the size of the business. But we review our price monthly to ensre we stay compeitive.

If I switch my business energy, how long does it take and what’s the process?

Switching business energy is similar to switching a residential supply. To make things simple and straightforward, we’ll ask you to enter a postcode, confirm your address and input your business energy usage. With the usage it’s always handy to have a bill to hand. But don’t worry if you don’t, you can always enter spend (£).

Once a new tariff is selected, we’ll run a ‘soft’ credit check to see if your business is eligible (this is normal and most business energy suppliers do this). Once completed just select a start date you'd like (up to 150 days) and enter owner details in order to setup an energy account. The end to end process from agreeing a new contract with EDF Energy to taking over should take no longer than 3 weeks. Or if future dated we’ll take over on your desired date.

EDF Energy will sort out the rest, such as speaking with your current supplier and arranging for the switch to take place so you can get on with the important job of running your business.

If I switch my business energy online, what information do I need?

We normally just need businesses to enter very basic information such as:

- Business address
- How much energy you use (kWh or £) 
- Type of business
- Company registration number (if LTD)
- Owners details 

In some cases if we're unable to retrieve your metering details we will ask to confirm information which can be found on a bill or our Live Chat team can help you answer:
- Do you have a Prepayment meter?
- What Meter Type do you have?

How do I compare business energy suppliers?

The best way to compare business energy rates/prices would be the compare the unit rates and standing charge with your current tariff or renewal offer. Or you can compare the projected costs (£). Please be aware the projected costs are all based on how much energy your business uses based on what you've stated. So you’ll only be charged for the energy you’ve used and by submitting meter reads we can understand your usage. 

Do your business energy quotes include VAT and CCL?

Our online quote do not include VAT and CCL, however if you choose to buy we'll apply VAT and CCL before completing the purchase.. If you'd like to know at quote results stage, our live chat advisers are able to calculate this for you if needed.  

What should I do if I'm moving business premises?

Moving in and not supplied by EDF Energy?

If you’re moving business premises that we don't current supply. EDF Energy have a range of busines energy contracts to suit your business needs. All you need to do is agree a new contract online by getting a quote and we'll sort out the rest. Leaving you to get on with your business. Or did you know if you’re current premises is already supplied by EDF Energy, you can take it with you. All you need to do is contact us or submit a request online at​

Moving in and supplied by EDF Energy 

If you've moved into a premises supplied by us, please contact us on 0333 009 7115(4). We know it can be a stressful time, however it’s important to agree a contract to avoid expensive out of contract charges which may apply. Also we want to make sure you get the best out of your business energy with EDF Energy. 

Don’t forget - Meter readings should also be taken at your old/new locations on the day you move out/in so you can be billed accurately.