Fixed price electricity and gas contracts - no matter how much energy you use

Knowing exactly what your prices are and when they'll change allows for better planning and budgeting. And if you pay monthly by Direct Debit you'll also get a 7% discount off every bill(1)

We have a range of fixed contracts available for varying lengths of time - our longest gives you peace of mind for up to 4 years. At the end of your fixed term you can either choose our automatic renewal offer, one of our other business contracts or transfer to another supplier(2)

Compare our fixed contracts simply by entering your postcode and consumption. Get a quote today

Key features of fixed contract


Interested in our fuel mix? You can see it here.

Reasons to choose EDF Energy

These are some of the reasons over 8 out of 10 customers choose to stay with us(3)

Looking for a Flexible contract?

Our Freedom for business contract (electricity and gas), is ideal for businesses that are looking for a good price, but want a commitment-free, flexible product. Perfect if you don't want to commit to a fixed term contract.

Or if you're a new business or moving location take a look at New Start our bespoke 6 - 9 month electricity contract, designed to support you at this key stage in your business development.

Installing a new meter?

If your enquiry is about installing a new electricity meter at a newly built premise, please contact our Developer Services team between 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 068 8257(4)

Did you know we offer three meter types? Read our quick guide to meters to make sure you choose the right one for your business, potentially saving you money.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to arrange the installation of a new business gas meter.