What are the advantages of having a smart meter?

Smart meters give you a better understanding of how you use your energy. They come with an in-home display monitor which lets you keep an eye on your energy as you're using it. This means if you're making changes to cut your electricity and/or gas use, you can see in near-real time if these changes are making a difference.


What are the benefits of smart meters?


  • See how much energy you use in near-real time
  • Automatic and regular meter readings to make your bills more accurate
  • Review you your energy history over the last week, month or year
  • See your current tariff information

Things to know and myths to bust about smart meters

  1. Are smart meters are safe? The smart meters we use have been through rigorous testing and exceed every UK and EU safety standards. Public Health England states that “exposures to the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a risk to health”.
  2. Is my data secure with smart meters? Yes. Smart meters capture and store data about your energy use and you can choose how often they do this – half-hourly, daily or monthly. Whether we share details about your energy usage with other organisations is entirely up to you. Read the smart meter data guide.
  3. Do I have to pay for my smart meter? You won't have to pay upfront to have a smart meter installed. Smart meters will be paid for through everyone's energy bills.
  4. Do I need broadband connection for my smart meter? No. Smart meters transmit information on a separate wireless network, as they contain a GSM SIM card to send data via mobile GSM networks. They don't need a broadband connection to be active in your home.
  5. Will I have to provide meter readings when I have a smart meter? No. Smart meters collect information remotely, so we’ll no longer need to ask you for meter reads. The more regularly we receive reads, the more specific we can be in helping you to become energy efficient. Rest assured we won’t share your energy data with anyone.
  6. Who will install my smart meter? Our smart meter installers are fully accredited. Our team have received training at a level appropriate to the installation, including from a National Skills Academy for Power accredited provider or equivalent.
  7. I want to know more facts and myths about smart meters. Read on Smart Energy GB.  

Smart meters and your data

The data that we get from smart meters allows us to give you a more detailed picture of your energy use and help show you how you could be more energy efficient. We’ll also use it to help identify and tell you about products or services that may benefit you and get a better understanding of when our customers use energy. You can view your data in MyAccount where you can also change how often your smart meter captures your data and change your preferences for data sharing. You can also give us a call to make these updates on 0333 009 7000(1).

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If you have a smart meter and an in-home display that came with it, you can find out how to use them, control them and how to take a reading. There is a number of in-home displays that our customers are using and you can find the user guides in this section

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