Your smart meter billing questions

Will a smart meter change the way I’m billed?

Every now and then, we might not be able to communicate with your meter so we’ll send you an estimated bill instead.

To submit a manual reading, visit our submit a meter reading page.

Will a smart meter change my tariff?

No. Your tariff will remain the same – unless you choose to change it or come to the end of your fixed-term tariff.

Will a smart meter cost me more?

Not if you don’t use more energy. The point of smart meter is that it’s accurate. So you’ll only be charged for the energy you’ve used.

In fact, by letting you see what energy you’re using, your smart meter could help you turn off things you don’t really need. It might even save you money by giving you more control over the energy you use.

You can read more about smart meter benefits.

What happens to the credit on my prepayment meter?

Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone anywhere.

Any credit from your prepayment meter will simply be used to reduce your outstanding balance on your next bill.


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Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

We follow a strict, Ofgem-approved code of practice to make sure you receive unbeatable service throughout the whole installation process.

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