Smart meter booster


A smart meter booster is a plug-in device which communicates to your meters and in-home display (IHD) - it works just like a wifi booster! 

Smart meter booster illustration showing you how it works with your IHD and meters

There's a few reasons why you might need a smart meter booster

If you live in a high-rise flat or large house for example, it might be that your smart meter is too far away to communicate a signal to the gas meter or IHD effectively.

These devices are provided by Alt HAN Company and will be given to you as part of your smart meter installation.

The image on the left shows how a smart meter booster works. 

Mother and child hugging near smart meter and smart meter booster.

What is an in-home display (IHD)?

An IHD is a small digital tablet that works with your smart meter to help you keep an eye on your energy use and costs. If you're not sure what an IHD looks like, visit our page on how to read and use your in-home display.


Do's and Don'ts


  • Keep the smart meter booster plugged in and switched on in the same plug socket to make sure it's communicating properly

  • Continue to use your plug socket as normal - you can plug any appliance into the smart meter booster
  • Try to keep the plug socket clear from large furniture - this could interfere with the smart signal


  • Don't take the smart meter booster with you if you move house
  • Try to avoid plugging an extension lead in to the smart meter booster plug or putting the smart meter booster in an extension lead - this could interfere with the smart signal



Can I move my smart meter booster?

The booster can be moved but we don't recommend doing this as it can affect the signal from the meter to the in-home display.

Is there a risk of fire?

There's no risk of fire, as long as the safety guidance is followed. We don't recommend using extension cables or multi-plug blocks.

If I move house, what happens to the equipment?

When you move home, please don't take your IHD or smart meter booster with you as they're connected to the meter at the property and they won't work at a different address.

If I go on holiday, what should I do?

You don't need to do anything! But if you do decide to turn off your smart meter booster, please note that your IHD won't work until this is turned back on.

What should I do if the smart meter booster is damaged or faulty?

Contact our customer service team on 0333 009 7062 and we'll arrange for the booster to be fixed or replaced.

If my IHD stops working or becomes unconnected, what should I do?

Contact our customer service team on 0333 009 7062 and we'll arrange for the IHD to be fixed or replaced.

Can I clean the smart meter booster?

Yes, you can wipe it with a dry soft cloth but you shouldn't use any cleaning products or sprays on the booster.

Can I put a child safety cover over the smart meter booster?

We don't recommend using a child safety plug but you can cover over the whole plug if this fits safely.

How much does it cost to use the smart meter booster?

A smart meter booster costs approximately 2p per day which is about £7 per year.

How long does it take to update my IHD with my energy use data?

Your IHD shows you how much energy you're using in real time without any delays.