What is a smart plug?

Smart Wi-Fi plugs allow you to control any device anywhere from your smart phone. This means you have total control over all your electronics – from your lamps, to your TV and even your hair straighteners.

Smart plugs are simple to set up and have many benefits including:

  • Keeping control

Check on your connected devices and turn them on or off via an app from your smart phone or tablet. Add voice control by pairing it with your Amazon Echo.


  • A warm welcome

Most smart plugs have a scheduling system to turn your lamps on at a set time so you can come home to a well-lit environment.


  • Peace of mind

You can set your devices to come on and off at different times so it looks like someone is home, even when you're away.

Keen to get smart plugs in your home?

You can now buy Wi-Fi smart plugs from the EDF Energy Smart Store. Get your home connected through us with your first smart plug.

Are smart plugs right for me?

Yes, if you want:

  • A cheap and simple way to take your first step into the world of smart tech
  • Remote access to the devices in your home
  • To schedule appliances to turn on and off whenever you need
  • To pair with Amazon Alexa
  • To take your first small step into the world of smart


Smart plugs make life easier – you can switch off devices in the living room without getting out of bed or remotely turn off your hair straighteners if you accidentally leave them on. Plus, the countdown timer can automatically switch off running appliances, such as your iron or television.

Take your first step towards a smarter home