What's a smart radiator valve?

Smart radiator valves allow you to regulate the heating in each room in your home. They can also be helpful to help save money and energy – lowering your bill and being kinder to the environment too. Currently, we offer two types of smart radiator valves:

  • Ones that work with a central smart thermostat and app, such as Netatmo
  • Standalone ones, such as Radbot. 

Connected smart valve – Netatmo

The Netatmo smart valves work as part of a wider smart heating system with a central Netatmo smart thermostat. Using the central app, or your smart home voice control assistant, you can set individual heating schedules for each room. The app even displays your rooms' temperature histories. You can also use the timers to set certain temperatures at different times of day.  

Standalone smart valve – Radbot

Radbot’s a totally new type of smart radiator controller. It learns how you use each room in your home through detecting light and humidity levels and then adjusts the heating to match. It's simple to install too – just unscrew the old valve and screw on the Radbot. You don't need wi-fi, apps, smart thermostats or engineers. If your idea of a smart radiator valve is to install, set and forget then this is the one for you.