What is a smart radiator valve?

Smart radiator valves give you better control over the heating in each room in your home. They can also help you save money and energy – lowering your bill and being kinder to the environment. Currently, we offer two types of smart radiator valves:

Connected smart valve – Netatmo


The Netatmo smart valve works as part of a wider smart heating system with a central Netatmo smart thermostat. Using the central app or your smart home voice control assistant, you can set individual heating schedules for every room.

Standalone smart valve – Radbot


Radbot cleverly detects light and humidity levels and adjusts the temperature to match. It's simple to install too – just unscrew the old valve and screw on your new Radbot. There’s no need for Wi-Fi, apps, smart thermostats or engineers. Just plug it in and get started!

Ready to get smart radiator valves in your home?