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EDF Group set up the Pulse Awards with the aim to showcase start-ups and provide solid support as they move into action, inventing and developing the world of tomorrow. From 24 January to 8 March 2017, more than 500 European start-ups applied to one of the four categories. This edition will reward 5 winners, with:

  • 4 Jury Awards (1 per category), attributed by a Grand Jury made of experts and personalities
  • 1 Audience Awards, attributed after a voting campaign lasting for weeks

On top, all five winners will get a media campaign throughout France and Europe and up to €100,000 grant to get projects off the ground.

The 2017 finalists


  • Smart Home: Innovations that contribute to safer, more comfortable, more autonomous, and more affordable accommodation - whether individually or collectively
  • Smart City: Innovations that contribute to make cities easier to live in, more human-centered, more effective, while reducing the environmental impact of urban areas
  • Smart Business: Innovations contributing to industries of the future and which aim at improving technical, environmental and energy performance in industrial processes
  • Smart Health: Innovations using new technologies to improve health and well-being at every stage of life
Our 2016 Winner: Howz

Howz: the home help

Finalist: Smart Home

Howz is the online system which will take a weight off the minds of those looking after a dependent person. Using electrical and sensor-based motion detectors, it can inform you remotely of activity in their home and assure you, for example, that the temperature is right or that the front door is properly closed. It also follows criteria that can be set upon request to ensure that any activity there is normal, and notifies you should any problems occur, or in the event of any major or suspicious deviations from the occupant’s daily routine.

A non-intrusive surveillance method, for greater well-being and peace of mind.

Energysquare: the wireless universal charger

Finalist: Smart Home

Safely recharging your smartphone by simply laying it on a tray or equipped unit is now possible, with Energysquare having developed a solution for recharging devices using electrical conduction which does not emit any electromagnetic waves. The system proves to be just as quick as charging via a cable across the board, and limits energy loss.

From smartphones to e-cigarettes, this system provides a risk-free way of recharging all electronic devices simultaneously using Energysquare.

Fenotek: the long-range intercom

Finalist: Smart Home

Fenotek brings you Hi), the videophone made in France which connects to all the smartphones in a household. With functionalities including video, movement detection, remote opening, QR code reading and many more, you can now control your front door from wherever you are: speak to visitors, manage deliveries, let your Airbnb guests in...Hi) also provides people with reduced mobility a higher level of comfort and convenience, and immediately alerts you of any suspect activity that it detects.

Keep a constant eye on your front door with Fenotek.

MIP Robotics: the robot which is accessible and easy to handle

Finalist: Smart Business

MIP Robotics has developed the first ‘accessible’ industrial robot. Programmable in the blink of an eye, and with no prior knowledge needed, this versatile artificial arm is able to carry out a wide range of repetitive tasks at no risk to the operator. It is perfectly suited to small series production and multi-tasking, and the price is another major bonus: it is extremely affordable, guaranteeing a return on the investment in under 1 year in most cases.

Robots are becoming more accessible with MIP Robotics, making them into the perfect ally for any small business.

ParceLive: parcel tracking

Finalist: Smart Business

Companies will be able to track the location of their deliveries in real time with ParceLive. The intelligent casing, which is slipped inside the package, tells them its location, as well as its temperature, moisture content and exposure to light. It even informs them of any impact it may have experienced. The tracers already work in over 30 countries across 4 continents. Gone are the days of companies waiting anxiously to receive their purchases!

GEPS Techno: counteracting damage with wave power

Finalist: Smart Business

When a connection line between an offshore wind farm and its substations goes out of order, operators have to resort to using emergency diesel generators. GEPS Techno offers them a more environmentally-friendly alternative, with hydro-powered, mobile and autonomous stations. These stations are innovative both in the systems they use to anchor to wind farms and their methods for recovering wave power.

Riminder: the HR assistant

Finalist: Smart Business

To help HR departments wade through floods of applications, Riminder uses artificial intelligence to screen the CVs and extract the necessary information from them (experience, qualifications, etc.). Equipped with a powerful search engine and capable of processing up to 5000 CVs in just 23 seconds, it is now a vital tool for HR departments in their quest to unearth the perfect applicant.

Fluicity: direct democracy

Finalist: Smart City

Inspired by grass-roots movements - from the Arab Spring to the 15-M Movement - the Fluicity app aims to revitalise local democracy. Elected representatives can use this platform to remain in constant dialogue with the public and to put forward and debate new proposals; local governments can also take advantage of a newsfeed function to directly address and communicate with their constituents. The aim: to restore confidence through a more accessible and transparent participation process, and therefore increase community effectiveness.

K-Ryole: the electric trailer

Finalist: Smart City

A load is going to be taken off bike couriers’ calves! All thanks to K-Ryole, which now enables up to 250 kilos of goods to be transported without even breaking a sweat. Compatible with all 2-wheeled modes of transport, this electric self-propelled trailer is equipped with an algorithm which allows it to work in sync with the cyclist and anticipate their reactions, adapting to their speed, uneven ground, and surface quality. The aim: to encourage environmentally-friendly urban travel and deliveries by solving the ‘last mile’ problem.

Woodoo: bionic wood

Finalist: Smart City

Woodoo is a new-generation wood with a molecular structure - usually composed of 60-90% air - that is strengthened using entirely sustainable polymers. This process renders it three times more solid, more resistant to fire and decay, and can even (depending on the species) appear translucent. The process, which can be used on all types of wood, can also add value to little-used species. Over time, it could replace concrete in many architectural structures.

A revolutionary material which could completely overturn current urban construction techniques.

Autonhome: home-based rehabilitation

Finalist: Smart Health

Autonhome is a cognitive simulator which enables sufferers of neurological disorders to continue their rehabilitation at home. It means that stroke survivors and patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease will be able to receive a programme of exercises based on 3D recognition and augmented reality, which are tailored to each individual and which patients can do independently at home. The interface also provides a link to medical teams, allowing them to monitor progression on a daily basis, work on exercises remotely, and be alerted should any problems arise.

Esthesix (Panda): eyes in ears

Finalist: Smart Health

Esthesix took inspiration from the cutting-edge technology used in autonomous vehicles when creating Panda, a virtual guide for the visually impaired. Comprising an audio headset with a camera that is connected to a visual recognition app, Panda responds to its user’s voice and answers their questions by describing their surroundings to guide them to the desired object.

A discreet and clever device offering a new level of independence.

Walk with path: the anti-fall sole

Finalist: Smart Health

This intelligent sole provides security for the elderly and sufferers of Parkinson’s, and improves their mobility. Walk With Path is able to prevent falls by using sensors which measure speed, acceleration and the route taken by a walking person. If the sole senses a loss of balance, a simple vibration is sent through the shoe, reminding the person walking to be careful.

A big step forward for restoring confidence in walking.

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