Introducing the Pretty Curious Studio

The Pretty Curious Studio has already taken the fun and excitement of STEM to thousands of girls throughout the country. 

Studio events challenge girls creatively and give them the opportunity to explore and experience the career possibilities available by pursuing STEM subjects at school.

I really enjoyed this workshop because it showed that girls can be amazing and make huge differences in the world. It also provided me with amazing new innovative activities to complete.​

Student, Pretty Curious Studio

Highlights from the Pretty Curious Studio

The Studio workshops offer students an opportunity to explore virtual reality, try their hand at coding, create their own ‘smart gadgets’ and simply uncover the science behind the every day. 

As well as developing new skills, all our events are facilitated by inspiring role models in STEM careers. 

Pretty Curious Studio Highlights

“It’s amazing and it’s helping to raise the aspiration of girls who might never have thought about science in a big way. It’s a real shame something like this isn’t in the curriculum for schools, its fab.” 

- Amelia Bow, Teacher at Marlwood School, Alveston

Women + STEM

"I would love to have been more aware in school of how wide and diverse the range of careers in STEM are and how they would allow me to be creative and provide a fun and rewarding career."

- Dr. Claire Crowley, Pretty Curious studio host and a post-doctoral researcher in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at UCL

“Events like this help students to think outside the box, to stretch their imagination, and think about where studying STEM could take them.”

- Nienke Gibson, Head of Careers at Saxmundham Free School

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