Hidden Figures and EDF Energy

As part of our Pretty Curious programme, we’ve partnered with Twentieth Century Fox to offer tickets to preview screenings of the Hidden Figures film, as well as the chance to win books and copies of the film's soundtrack.

Hidden Figures is a story that many young women in the UK might not be familiar with, but one that we are keen to promote as it demonstrates just some of the incredible opportunities that women who work and excel in STEM can have.

The women of Hidden Figures

Dorothy Vaughan - Hidden Figures

Dorothy Vaughan

As one of NASA's few female supervisors, when data machines were introduced, Dorothy Vaughan learnt the computer programming language 'Fortran' to teach her team and get ahead at NASA!

Mary Jackson - Hidden Figures

Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson was NASA's first black female engineer. She helped design & test the US's first ever manned spacecraft!

Katherine Johnson - Hidden Figures

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Johnson helped put the first man on the moon! Her curiosity and brilliance with numbers led to amazing space explorations. She proved maths isn't just for school.

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