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Closure of GoElectric (Variable)

All customers on GoElectric (Variable) should have recently received a message from us about the closure of GoElectric (Variable).

As we mentioned when we wrote to you, for many customers who are currently on the Overnight version (with cheaper off-peak rates) our system hasn’t had enough two-rate consumption history to accurately provide a quotation. Therefore for many of you, the correspondence incorrectly suggests that you switch to Standard (Variable) as a single-rate tariff.

Please be aware that for the vast majority of EV drivers, our GoElectric September 24v2 tariff (with off-peak rates) will be cheaper than Standard (Variable) single-rate.

To help you decide the best course of action we’ve included the prices for Standard (Variable) single-rate, Deemed Two Rate, and GoElectric September 24v2.

What to do next

If you'd  like to move to Deemed Two Rate, you don’t need to do anything.

If you’d like to move to GoElectric Sept24v2 then please visit the GoElectric sign up tool.

If you no longer want to access lower overnight rates to charge your EV and you want to return to a single rate tariff, then please email us with your account number at