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Get 10,000 free EV miles and save hundreds with Nissan & Pod Point

Nissan have teamed up with EDF and Pod Point to offer 10,000 free miles (worth £228.56) to their customers.

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10,000 free miles offer

EDF, Nissan & Pod Point have teamed up to help you begin your journey to electric driving by providing 10,000 free miles (worth £228.56) when you purchase a Nissan EV and Pod Point home charger.

To qualify for this offer you must be supplied by EDF, and have purchased a Nissan EV and Pod Point home charger, in dealership, between 21st August 2023 and 15th January 2024. See full terms and conditions.

Not yet with EDF? Why not check out our GoElectric tariff designed with EV drivers in mind, with off-peak electricity at just 8p per kWh, they're the cheapest EV off-peak rates that are available to all EV drivers.

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How do I claim my free miles?

Step 1

Purchase or lease a Nissan EV in your local Nissan dealership and a Pod Point home charger

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Step 2

Sign up to an EDF electricity tariff. Check out our GoElectric tariff.


Step 3

Complete the claim form below to apply for your free miles!

Apply now


This should be on your order paperwork from Nissan. If in doubt, please contact your local Nissan dealership and they’ll be able to advise you. 

You can find your account number in MyAccount, and on your EDF bills, emails and letters. 

If it’s been more than two calendar months since you submitted the application form, please contact us on

Before submitting a new application, please ensure the following things have been checked: 

  • The Nissan order number and EDF account numbers provided are correct 
  • Your Pod Point home charger installation has been booked and you've received the link to this page directly from Pod Point


Please contact your local Nissan dealership directly if you’re still having issues with your application. 

Please go ahead and submit a new application