Reactor 2 returned to service after inspections

Dear LCLC member,

Reactor 2 returned to service after inspections.

I write to you, as promised at our Local Community Liaison Committee meeting earlier this month, in order to inform you that we have returned Heysham 1 Unit 2 back to service.

I am pleased to say that following the completion of all our boiler inspections on reactor 2, we received permission from the Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to restart reactor 2 and hence did so over this last weekend. This means that Heysham 1’s Reactor 2 is now back online and generating electricity for around 750,000 homes.

During the late summer and autumn we have inspected all of reactor 2’s eight boiler spines and the other seven boilers on reactor 1 and no further problems were found. We are now looking at returning reactor 1 to power, with the cracked boiler isolated. This will require approval from the ONR, and I will keep you informed as this work continues.

As ever if you’ve any questions please contact Ann-Marie Palmer, Community Liaison lead on 01524 868855 or email or contact Martyn Butlin via our Visitor Centre.

Be safe,

Ian Stewart - Heysham 1 Station Director

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