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CIRCUS tricks and the strange world of nano-technology entertained more than 800 pupils as science took centre stage at events in Nottingham and Gainsborough.

Two performers James Soper and Suze Kundu took pupils from seven of the area’s secondary schools through some scintillating science as part of event supported by West Burton and Cottam Power Stations.

Kate Cusick, the station’s Visitor Centre supervisor, helped organise the event. She said: “This show proved very successful when we ran it for the first time last year and we know that the pupils who come along get a lot from the two shows.

“The show supports the work we carry out at West Burton’s Visitor Centre where we take schools on a tour of the site and also give the pupils a chance to try out some engineering experiments.

“In teaming up with Cheltenham Science Festival we are showing that science is fun, and hopefully encouraging some of the audience in the Arts Centre to pursue a career in science, maths and technology. 

“Locally we employ around 800 people at West Burton and Cottam power stations, and they are involved in engineering, but also physics and chemistry. 

“So there are opportunities with EDF Energy for people with a range of skills.”

During the show Suze Kundu explored the microscopic world, looking at tiny creatures, she also showed how nano-technology might be used in the future.

James Soper looked at the physics behind circus skills such as juggling and balancing looking at how forces such as gravity and magnetism also affects everyday life.

He used skateboards, balloons and a uni-cycle for a series of thrilling demonstration using pupils and teachers from the Arts Centre’s audience

Twenty schools attended the events: St Giles Special School, Orchard School, Priory Academies, St Hugh's Special School, Hall Cross Academy, Serlby Park Academy, Queen Elizabeth High School, Rushcliffe School, Bluecoat Beechdale, Holgate Academy, South Nottinghamshire Academy, Newark Academy, Carlton Academy, The Becket School, Magnus, The Farnborough Academy, Rossington All Saints, Shepshed High school, Chilwell School and The Becket School

The show was part of an outreach programme run by Cheltenham Science Festival, which is sponsored by EDF Energy, operator of eleven power stations across the country.


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