More Together

Join over 5,500 EDF colleagues on our exclusive employee-only tariff. It provides a great price and is backed by our zero carbon power.

Your employee number

You can find your employee number in MyHR under your profile. Any problems finding it please ask your local HR who can help. Once signed in you can get a quote, change or renew your More Together tariff.

Why choose More Together

Save £££'s

Cheaper tariffs than any other major supplier.(1)

Zero hassle

Already on a More Together tariff? Switch to the latest version anytime in MyAccount.

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero!

Our More Together tariff is backed by zero carbon nuclear electricity as standard.(2)

FAQs - 'More Together' Employee Tariff

Are there any exit fees?
No, the great news is there are no exit fees on this tariff.

How do I sign up for the More Together tariff?
If you are not currently on More Together start your switch today
Are you already on a More Together tariff and want to sign up for the latest version? - you can renew through MyAccount

Do I need to give my employee number?
Yes, you'll need to provide your employee number. If you don't have this, you can find it in MyHR. We ask for it to make sure you're eligible for this tariff. This tariff is only available for one sign up per household, and it can be someone from your family. View the full T&Cs.

Is it an online account management tariff?
No, you'll still be able to use all our services available. However, we do ask that you agree to online account management and paperless comms.

Can I sign up for this tariff through MyAccount?
If you're already on a More Together tariff, you can check the latest version and switch onto this at any time in MyAccount.

If you're not yet with EDF or are on another EDF tariff and want to switch to More Together, you can log in and follow the instructions.

Do I still get my £48 staff discount on this tariff?
No, the £48 staff discount is not eligible for the More Together tariff.

If you currently gift your £48 to a friend or family member. If you switch to More Together, you can't continue to have both.

Is the More Together tariff available for contractors?
Yes, please use your employee number when signing up for this tariff. You can find your employee number in the MyHR portal. If you don't have this, you can obtain this from your local HR.

Is the tariff for Dual Fuel customers only?
No, it's available to both Single Fuel and Dual Fuel customers.

Will there be a Prepayment version of the tariff?
Unfortunately, the tariff is only available to Standard/ Economy 7 Credit and Smart Pay As You Go meters. Nevertheless, it's a great reason to make the change and upgrade to Smart Pay As You Go!

Will I receive any other benefits or offers from this tariff?
Not at the moment - sorry. In the past, one of the great features of More Together has been getting around £75 of 'Mores' each year. We've given things like Amazon vouchers, charity donations, and sweet treats in the past. Unfortunately, we can't offer 'Mores' on top of the very competitive tariff price in the current environment.

Will there be a renewal when this tariff comes to an end?
We always have the latest version of the More Together tariff available in MyAccount, which means anyone who wants to update their More Together tariff to the latest one easily. Remember no exit fees, so you can change whenever you wish. 

Who should I contact if I have a technical issue when signing up for the More Together tariff?
If you're experiencing any technical issues, please email us at, and someone will respond to you within five days.