More Together

Join over 5,500 EDF colleagues on our exclusive employee-only tariff. It provides a great price and is backed by our zero carbon power. If you are already a More Together customer, you can find the latest update on the government announcement here.

With another energy supplier?

Make the move to EDF and choose our More Together fixed tariff.

Call 0333 009 7023 and make sure you mention More Together to get a quote.

Already with EDF?

Follow these three simple steps to either switch to a More Together tariff or update your existing More Together to the latest version

  • Log in to MyAccount
  • Go into the 'Change tariff' option in the menu
  • Enter the offer code 'moretogether' when asked in the journey for an offer code

Why choose More Together

Save £££'s

Cheaper tariffs than any other major supplier.(1)

Zero hassle

Already on a More Together tariff? Switch to the latest version anytime in MyAccount.

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero!

Helping Britain achieve Net Zero! Our More Together tariff is backed by zero carbon nuclear electricity as standard.(2)

FAQs - 'More Together' Employee Tariff

What impact does the government announcement have on fixed energy tariffs?
If you are already on a More Together tariff, which is a fixed energy tariff, you will be able to find more information here.

Are there any exit fees?
No, the great news is there are no exit fees on this tariff.

Is it an online account management tariff?
No, you'll still be able to use all our services available. However, we do ask that you agree to online account management and paperless comms.

Do I still get my £48 staff discount on this tariff?
No, the £48 staff discount is cannot be used in conjuction with the More Together tariff. However, if you gift your £48 to a friend or family member, you can continue to take advantage of this while being  a More Together member.

Is the tariff for Dual Fuel customers only?
No, it's available to both Single Fuel and Dual Fuel customers.

Will there be a Prepayment version of the tariff?
Unfortunately, the tariff is only available to Standard/ Economy 7 Credit and Smart Pay As You Go meters. Nevertheless, it's a great reason to make the change and upgrade to Smart Pay As You Go!

Who should I contact if I have a technical issue when signing up for the More Together tariff?
If you're experiencing any technical issues, please email us at, and someone will respond to you within five days.