12 Oct 21

Torness welcomes new apprentices

Torness power station’s new generation of apprentices have started their careers with EDF. The East Lothian station has taken on four maintenance apprentices and one chemistry apprentice. 

The four maintenance apprentices kicked off their nuclear careers with a team-building week in the Lake District where they met other apprentices from Hinkley Point C, Heysham 2, Hartlepool and Sizewell B.  

After a week of activities and challenges the apprentices started their studies at Bridgwater College, home to the National College for Nuclear, where they will spend the next two years.  

Tam Al Bishawi, station director at Torness, said: “Our new recruits had a great time during their outward bound week, meeting the people they are going to be living and working with for the next two years. Now they are eager to take on the new and exciting challenges their training will present.” 

The apprentices will learn basic engineering skills in their first year, before specialising in their trade in the second year.  They will also get opportunities gain ‘life skills’ as part of the apprenticeship programme before completing the final two years back at Torness power station. 

The chemistry apprentice, Harry Bertrand, started at Torness in August. He is studying for a chemistry degree whilst gaining hands on learning and experience at the station.