1 Oct 13

Torness power station welcomes East Lothian Council visit

Five members of the senior management team at East Lothian Council have visited EDF Energy’s Torness power station. The trip was to find out more about how nuclear energy works and how the station contributes to the local economy.

The group had a tour of the station, taking in the reactor hall, the turbine hall and the five star visitor centre, led by station director, Paul Winkle. Paul said, “It is really important to me that we have a good working relationship with East Lothian Council and that the senior management team can see what we do here. Torness power station has two reactors, both capable of generating 665 megawatts of power every minute of every day. This generates enough low carbon electricity for around two million homes.

“With 550 staff and an additional 200 or so contractors working here, we are the biggest private employer in the area. It is vital we continue to attract highly skilled people to work at Torness power station and by encouraging local schools to visit we would hope more young people will consider a career in nuclear energy. Six new apprentices have just started working here and applications for the next apprentice programme open in October.”

Alex McCrorie, Depute Chief Executive – Resources & People Services, East Lothian Council, said: “Torness is a major employer and contributor to the local economy and the council’s senior management team welcomed the opportunity to discover more about the operations of the power station and EDF Energy’s future plans. We were also extremely interested in exploring further any areas where we can assist each other to add to our already excellent working relationships.”