28 Oct 14

Three apprentice information days being held at Torness power station

Torness power station will be holding three information days about its very successful apprenticeship scheme on Saturday 8 November 2014, Saturday 6 December 2014 and Saturday 10 January 2015 to let prospective recruits know more about it. These will start at 10.00 in the morning, take place in the visitor centre and last for about two hours until 12.00. You must book a place in advance.

From studying at HMS Sultan in Portsmouth for the first two years to what qualifications are needed and how to apply, the information day will prove invaluable to anyone considering a career in engineering maintenance.

Torness power station director, Paul Winkle said, “We are all very proud of what we do here at the power station, both locally in offering jobs and nationally by producing a large percentage of the nation's low carbon electricity demands. This day will give us a chance to share this enthusiasm with those wishing to apply to join our apprenticeship scheme in 2015.

“In the current climate, an apprenticeship offers a real alternative to going to university. Our scheme is very highly regarded and the sky is really the limit for our apprentices. Several members of EDF Energy’s executive team started with the company in this way, so the message is this course could be the start of a truly amazing engineering career.”

While anyone who meets the criteria can apply, EDF Energy is very keen to encourage young women to consider a career in engineering with the company. 24 year old Stefany Chisholm from Dunbar is a third year apprentice at Torness power station and says, “I would encourage any young person who thinks this is the job for them to apply. I am thoroughly enjoying my training with EDF Energy and it really is a great opportunity.”

The information day will have a number of staff on hand to share their experiences of working in the nuclear industry. There will also be a presentation and an opportunity to ask questions about the programme.

If you would like to come along or find out more, please contact call Margaret Wenham on 01368 873 847 or email: Margaret.Wenham@edf-energy.com

You will need to register your attendance in advance for the specific date and time.

You can visit Torness Visitor Centre Mon- Friday between 9 am and 4.30pm. If you would like a plant tour, which is also available at the weekend, you will need to book in advance on 01368 873 909 or you can e-mail tornessvisitorcentre@edf-energy.com