16 Aug 19
Heysham 1 & 2

A statement on noise from Heysham 2 power station

Following some noise experienced in the area during the process to re-start one of our reactors at Heysham 2 power station after an unplanned shut down, Heysham 2 Station Director Mark Lees sent the folowing letter to members of the Heysham LCLC: 

Date: 16 August 2019

Update on noises heard at Heysham 2 Power Station

Dear Local Community Liaison Council Member,

You may be aware of some speculation on social media yesterday evening, referring to noises heard at our site.

The noises were due to conventional steam valve operations as part of the re-starting of one of the reactors at Heysham 2, and are completely normal for this kind of operation. Whilst these noises are not completely unexpected during start-up we are looking at ways to eliminate this occurring to avoid this happening in the future.

I do apologise if this caused any alarm or inconvenience to you and / or your communities.

Kind regards


Mark Lees
Station Director
Heysham 2




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