22 Nov 13

Sizewell C Plans Progressing

One year on from the start of public consultation on the Sizewell C project, EDF Energy’s nuclear new build team met with the Sizewell C community forum to update representatives from parish councils and local interest groups on key areas of the project.

The team talked through the recent announcement on agreeing commercial terms for EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C project and the momentum this gives Sizewell C.

EDF Energy’s head of the Sizewell C project Stephen Walls said: “It was good to share the project update with the community forum and to highlight the activity we have undertaken over the last year. The momentum around Sizewell C continues.

“Although EDF Energy is at an early stage for proposals for Sizewell C we wanted to share some early findings from technical studies around associated developments and provide an update on our transport strategy as our ongoing community liaison shows these are areas of particular interest to local people.

“The investigative work EDF Energy has carried out to date and the feedback we received from Stage One consultation means we are at a point where we can start to refine the options for associated development that will form the basis for further consultation as we continue to develop more detailed proposals.”

Sizewell C associated developments
Sizewell C associated development sites are designed to help minimise the impact of the project during the 7-9year construction period. Using rail and sea as much as possible for the movement of freight and exploring park and ride options and campus accommodation for workers are all strategies to significantly reduce traffic on the road network.

Key findings so far –

We are committed to make extensive use of sea and rail during the construction of Sizewell C. Further detailed studies on the quantity of freight involved will help determine how much we can transport by sea and rail and refine our traffic studies. At this stage we have made the following decisions on the north and south park and ride options-Northern park and ride optionsFollowing the assessment work completed so far and the positive response during Stage One consultation we have determined Darsham as the lead site of the northern park and ride options. Further assessment is required but this option would limit traffic on the B1122 and Yoxford. The A12/A144 park and ride is the reserve option with Yoxford Road park and ride being discontinued.

Southern park and ride options
During Stage One consultation we highlighted that Wickham Market P&R was our preferred option, technical work to date has shown this is still the case but important archaeological assessments need to be completed before we can make a firm decision on whether this site can be taken forward. Mindful of this Woodbridge and Potash Corner cannot be ruled out at this stage until the findings of the archaeological work at Wickham Market is assessed.

Sizewell C workers campus
During Stage One consultation we outlined three campus options; Development Site Campus, Sizewell Gap Campus and Leiston East Campus. Our work to date has helped us reach a decision on a lead site which we would like to consult further on (Development Site Campus), a reserve site (Leiston East Campus) which would be required if our lead site can not be pursued and a discontinued site (Sizewell Gap) which is unlikely to be taken forward.

Rail options
We are still considering the different rail options included in Stage One but of the options for extending the rail line into the construction site we now think that the blue and green options are likely to be more suitable and we are continuing our studies on these.

Sizewell C would create new jobs and economic benefits now and for future generations.The construction and operation of Sizewell C would bring thousands of new jobs to the local area. Up to 25,000 roles (5,600 jobs at peak construction) would be created during the construction period, and around 900 permanent jobs at the power station when it is operational.