3 Mar 17

Sizewell B backs safety campaign

Sizewell B has pledged its support to a campaign in the county aimed at cutting the number of drivers using mobile phones. 

The power station has brought 1,000 car stickers with a simple life saving message telling drivers to keep their ‘Hands off’ their mobile phones.

Janet Tovell, a clerical assistant at the power station in Suffolk, spoke with the Sizewell B station director about the campaign that had been featured in the EADT and BBC Radio Suffolk.

Paul Morton, Sizewell B station director said: “As a major employer in the region Sizewell B supports this important safety campaign and the simple life saving message it is spreading

The ‘Hands off’ your mobile phone message fits perfectly with our business ambition of zero harm and company policy that employees do not use a mobile phone when driving.”

The car stickers are being given out to the 800 workers at Sizewell B and hundreds are also being donated by the power station to local libraries to spread the safety message.

EDF Energy is a major employer in Suffolk with 800 people working at Sizewell B and another 1200 joining us during maintenance work at the station every 18months. The Hands Off mobile campaign complements safety messages in place at Sizewell B and will be promoted at the station.

EDF Energy in the East of England

In the East of England EDF Energy operates Sizewell B power station which employs 575 staff and 250 contracting partners. EDF Energy has completed Stage One consultation for Sizewell C which would be capable of supplying power to some 5 million homes and would employ 900 staff when operational.
As well as generating enough power to serve some 2.5million homes the company also provides gas and electricity to 270,000 customers in this region with over half of those opting for one of the company’s Blue+ products which are backed by low-carbon generation. We make sure we buy enough electricity generated from a low-carbon nuclear source to match every unit of electricity we estimate our Blue customers use. EDF Energy is proud to power up some of the largest companies in the UK, including sites for Tesco Stores Limited, Ministry of Defence, Morrisons and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust right here in the East of England. Following a landmark agreement with Network Rail the company also provides nuclear-backed Blue energy to power up the UKs electric rail network, covering most of the south east of England and the main lines from London to Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the Merseyrail network around Liverpool and the Glasgow suburban network.