5 Nov 13

Sizewell B apprentices graduate

Six apprentices from Sizewell B have graduated and been awarded full time positions at the power station. There was double cause for celebration as Sizewell B’s Jason Boyland was awarded apprentice of the year for his proactive attitude throughout his apprenticeship. Jason was commended for his work in designing and making a new gas bottle storage facility for the maintenance welding workshop.

Apprentices from across EDF Energy’s fleet attended the company’s graduation ceremony to receive certificates from managing director Andy Spurr.

After completing their schemes, the 48 members of the 2009 technical apprenticeship intake and the three 2011 business apprentices, were joined at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, by their family and members of the executive team to celebrate their achievement.

After presenting their graduation certificates they were encouraged by the company’s managing director Andy Spurr to grasp the opportunities that lay ahead for them.

Andy said: “As I reach the end of my career I am jealous that you are starting your career at such an exciting time, with us running the existing fleet for as long as it is safe and economic to do so and when there are real prospects of new nuclear. This is a great company, and it is a great time to join.”

This is the second cohort through the new apprenticeship scheme based at HMS Sultan; the apprentices spend two years at HMS Sultan and two years at their home station, and are the first group to include three female technical apprentices.

This year also saw the graduation of the first three business apprentices from Barnwood which also includes two female apprentices.

Andy said: “This group sees the first group of three women technical apprentices graduating through our scheme and we now have a further 23 women apprentices in the programme. This helps create an inclusive environment on our sites.”

Jim Crawford, Sizewell B Station Director added: “We are very pleased to welcome our new apprentices at Sizewell B which signals the start of our search for the next wave of new recruits.”

Fifty-one apprentices received their graduation certificates with special awards for ‘Community Engagement’ going to Nathan Bibby of Heysham 1 and ‘Going the Extra Mile’ for Kirsty Taylor in Barnwood.

Sites were also asked to nominate their apprentice of the year with a panel selecting the overall apprentice of the year from criteria demonstrating trust, transparency and teamwork.

Apprentice of the year awards went to: Kirsty Taylor, Barnwood; Denika Walsh, Dungeness; David Reay, Hartlepool; Nathan Bibby, Heysham 1; Tim Sargent, Heysham 2; James Lancastle, Hinkley Point B; Neal Rodgers, Hunterston; Jason Boyland, Sizewell B; Kyle McCartney, Torness; and Joel McCann, Turbine Support Group.

The 2013 Apprentice of the Year for Nuclear Generation recipient was awarded to Kyle McCartney from Torness power station, Kyle was recognised for his high work ethics, hunger to learn and displaying a good questioning attitude in his work.

Andy closed the afternoon by praising the apprentices for the commitment and dedication they have demonstrated during their training, recognising they are the future of our industry and key to delivering our missions and ambitions going forward.