28 Nov 11

Shadow Energy Minister pays visit to Hunterston B Power Station

Mr Greatrex (centre) is welcomed to Hunterston B by Community Liaison Officer Stuart McGhie (left) and Station Director Colin Weir.

The shadow Energy Minister has become the latest politician to show his support for nuclear energy during a visit to Hunterston B Power Station.

Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP and shadow Minister Tom Greatrex was joined by the new Inverclyde MP Iain McKenzie for a tour of the site, which is owned by EDF Energy, and met key members of staff including the station director Colin Weir.

Mr Greatrex is amongst a growing number of politicians who recognise the vital role nuclear energy will continue to play as the UK seeks to reduce carbon emissions in energy generation.

Mr Greatrex said: “I was pleased to be able to visit Hunterston B. Nuclear energy is a vital part of what must be a balanced energy mix. There is a need for baseload power for Scotland and the UK and that is why I welcomed the opportunity to visit Hunterston and talk to the station director and staff at the power station to discuss the role nuclear energy will continue to play in the future."

Colin Weir, station director at Hunterston B, said: “We were delighted to welcome Tom and Iain to the station and was very encouraged by their words of support. This was their first visit to a nuclear power station, so it was a great opportunity for us to explain some of the science behind nuclear, as well as the great economic benefits Hunterston brings to the local economy. It was a very productive meeting and I hope we can welcome more politicians in the near future.”