24 Feb 17

Safety a reality for Hunterston B workers

Hunterston B power station is harnessing the latest technology to ensure people stay safe while on the job. 

More than 600 workers at the station recently immersed themselves in a pioneering virtual reality experience filmed in and around the North Ayrshire station. 

“A day in the life at Hunterston” was produced in collaboration with Cape and puts participants in the shoes of a worker who is struggling with personal issues but who stays safe through the help and support of his team. 

Station Director, Colin Weir, said: “The virtual reality experience was part of the station’s recent ‘Safe Start’ campaign which runs each January and aims to help our people focus on staying safe during the coming year. 

“Last year the station made great progress towards achieving EDF Energy’s ambition of Zero Harm but we cannot afford to be complacent. That is why it is great that we have been able to come up with a new way to get the safety message across.” 

It is the first time the technology has been used for this purpose at any of EDF Energy’s power stations and now other sites are looking to use the film as well. 

Quality Management Group Head, Greg Dunlop, oversaw the project. He said: “The film aims to make workers think about their personal safety when carrying out their jobs and the potentially life-changing implications of workplace accidents for family and friends. 

“It was a complex project to work on but we have had lots of great feedback from staff with many saying the experience has left a lasting impression.” 

Much of the film is based on site but scenes were also shot on location at employees’ homes in Largs and the Barony Centre in West Kilbride. More than 20 people from the station were involved in the production, including several in acting roles. 

Lesley MacKay works at the station, she said: “It was great to see our own staff in the film. The reinforcement of the positive message of looking after one another is powerful and the term ‘fitness for duty’ means far more than being free from drink and drugs.”

For more information contact:

Fiona McCall
External Communications Manager (Scotland)
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