31 Dec 14

Rock armour arrives at Dungeness B

A delivery of rock armour, big boulders used for coastal protection, has arrived at Dungeness B.

The boulders are being placed between the power station and the existing shingle bank in front of the station, to provide additional support to the shingle bank in the event of a severe storm.

The rock armour installation completes the investment in flood defences at Dungeness B Power Station. The works began in 2013 and are to upgrade the existing flooding defences to cover more extreme weather events which are very unlikely to happen but need to be planned for nonetheless.

Martin Pearson, Dungeness B station director, said: “We are continually investing in Dungeness B in order to continue to generate low carbon power for Kent. The site has many existing layers of protection against flooding and has always been protected against storms. The rock armour and other enhancements to our existing defences will help protect us against even more severe weather events that are statistically very unlikely to occur. We've invested over £5 million including £2 million on a concrete flood defence wall which spans the perimeter of the station."

For more information contact:

Juliette Sanders
Media Officer (South East)
07875 112 599

EDF Energy in the South East

In the South East EDF Energy operates Dungeness B power station which employs over 500 staff and 200 contracting partners.

EDF Energy employs a further 2,500 staff in East and West Sussex with approximately 800 across sites in Crawley, Three Bridges, and East Grinstead and 1,700 across two of our three UK based call centres in Hove and Worthing..

As well as generating enough power to serve some 1.5million homes in this region the company also provides gas and electricity to 730,000 customers with over 20% of those opting for one of the company’s Blue+ products which are backed by low-carbon generation.

We make sure we buy enough electricity generated from a low-carbon nuclear source to match every unit of electricity we estimate our Blue customers use.

EDF Energy is proud to power up some of the largest companies in the UK, including sites for Tesco Stores Limited, Ministry of Defence and Morrisons right here in the South East.

Following a landmark agreement with Network Rail the company also provides nuclear-backed Blue energy to power up the UKs electric rail network, covering most of the south east of England and the main lines from London to Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the Merseyrail network around Liverpool and the Glasgow suburban network.