4 Oct 18

Publication: IAEA review of Operational Safety at Torness Power Station

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published its review of Torness power station’s operational safety following a three week visit to the station in January this year.

The visit was carried out by an Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) made up of nuclear industry experts from across the world. The IAEA has carried out 199 of these reviews since 1982. They provide a thorough review of operational safety at nuclear power stations and promote sharing of good practice and continuous development of the industry.   

The review team noted eight areas of good practice at Torness which can be replicated globally and provided four recommendations for further improvement.

Brian Cowell, EDF Energy’s Managing Director for the Generation business said:  “Nuclear safety is our overriding priority and we are always working to drive forward improvements across our fleet of stations.  As well as our own internal processes and work with our regulator, the ONR, an important way of achieving this is through regular in-depth reviews involving international experts.  

“The three week review at Torness enabled a thorough assessment of operational safety at the station, helping to ensure that IAEA safety standards are met and good practices shared across the world. We were pleased that the report highlights many good practices including the training of employees and the development and use of monitoring and protection systems. Importantly, the report also gave advice on areas where we could improve further. We will address these areas and invite the IAEA back to review our progress”.

You can read the OSART report here.

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