7 Mar 19
Hunterston B - Graphite

Public drop-in sessions at Hunterston B Power Station

Information about drop-in sessions about graphite inspections

EDF Energy would like to invite you to attend a public information drop-in session at the Hunterston B Power Station Visitor Centre.

The events are being held to update local residents on the graphite inspections, modelling and analysis work that has been taking place on the reactors since we took them both offline.  

Members of the team will be available to answer any questions about the power station’s operation, address any concerns and you will be able to view information about the operation and safety aspects of the plant.

The drop-in events will take place at the Hunterston B Visitor Centre and are being held on the following dates:

Tuesday 12th March: 5pm- 8pm

Monday 18th March: 5pm – 8pm

For further information, please contact nikki.thomson@edf-energy.com