4 Nov 13

Profile: Vivienne Hoang, design engineer at Dungeness B

Name: Vivienne Hoang

Age: 24

Role: Design engineer

What’s your job and why did you choose it?

I’m a design engineer which means we design modifications that need making, working out how to do it safely. I chose this area as it’s project based so each new project provides a new challenge. I have a civil engineering background but this job allows me to broaden my engineering knowledge as I’ve worked on mechanical and electrical modifications – I love it as I’m constantly learning. I get to interact with lots of different departments and my role involves making sure everyone is happy with the changes – so there’s a lot of people contact too.

What’s the most important thing you do?

The most important thing I do is maintaining nuclear safety, and then alongside that industrial safety, environmental safety – there’s a lot to think about and a lot of responsibility. For each modification you have to think of all the ways in which it could go wrong and then show how safety would be maintained in each case.

What’s Monday morning like for you?

Every day we start with a morning brief, but then we continue the project work so a Monday could just be following on from the work I was doing on Friday. One of the best things about the role is being able to manage my own time, I still have deadlines but I’m left to get on with things in the way I think best. I also like to take the opportunity on a Monday to catch up with EDF Energy company news – as I like to know what’s going on in the rest of the business.

The thing that makes you smile?

Zingy! I enjoy working for a well known brand like EDF Energy. I’m also happy that I work in the energy industry because I think a lot about how we will generate energy in the future. I strongly feel nuclear is a sustainable source of low carbon energy so I’m proud to work for EDF Energy.

The thing that makes you scream?

When people don’t talk to each other. The best projects are always when people communicate well.