7 Nov 13

Profile: Jennifer Clark, systems engineer at Hunterston B power station

And how old?


Where did you study and what did you do?

University of Strathclyde. I studied Engineering and Enterprise Management (BEng) and then a Msc in Sustainable Engineering: Energy Systems and the Environment.

What started your interest in engineering / science?

I never really knew what I wanted to do at school but the subjects I enjoyed the most and happened to be good at were maths and physics. Engineering seemed like a natural career choice although it took me a while to decide.

How did you find out about EDF Energy?

It's well known. I found out more about it online and signed up for the job alerts. They also had a stand at the SECC careers conference the two years I attended, and my Dad also worked for the company when it was owned by British Energy.

Why did you choose EDF Energy?

Job stability, good employer, location, future career prospects and most importantly an interesting, varied and challenging job where you don’t get bored.

What have you been involved with?

As a systems engineer you are responsible for assigned plant systems/areas. I look after the make up water treatment plant, condensate polishing plant & reserve water feed tanks which is basically treating the water before it goes into the boilers and ensuring we have sufficient back up water stock. As a system engineer you look after the long term health of the system/equipment, ensuring it works reliably and you’re always looking out for opportunities to improve the system. I have also been involved in the plant health committee as technical secretary and the system health indicator program co-ordinator.

What do you think you'll be doing next?

Hopefully picking up more plant systems and gaining more experience.

Do you see yourself working with EDF Energy in the future?


Away from work what do you do?

Skiing and snowboarding and in the summer some water skiing. I walked the west highland way over 5 days for the first time this year and I'm also renovating a house so DIY takes up a lot of my free time!