3 Jul 15

M1 wind farm welcomes special guests

EDF Energy Renewables has welcomed some very special guests to its M1 wind farm, near Quinton.

Pupils from Hanslope Primary School, Hanslope, have been looking at renewable energy as part of their school work and wanted to see a wind farm for themselves.

The trip to the M1 site, which officially opened last September, saw pupils from the school spend time at wind farm finding out more about the development.

The school spread the visit across two days to allow each of its classes enough time to see around and meet site manager Angharad Major and Nick Bradford, EDF Energy Renewable’s head of asset management.

As well seeing the site, the children were presented with EDF Energy Renewables ‘goody bags’ which included their very own windmill.

Louise Hawley, a teacher at the school, said: "We were pleased to learn that we were the first school in England to have undertaken a whole school visit of this nature.

"We decided to visit the wind farm as part of our ‘Year of Technology’ to help the children find out about real life uses for technology and see real life applications of the programming they learn about in computing lessons.

 "They learnt more about the importance of renewable energy and how the technology in the turbines works automatically including built in sensors."

 The nine-turbine site is located just off the M1, six miles from Northampton, and is capable of delivering more than seven megawatts of low carbon electricity, enough to meet the average annual needs of approximately 3,800 homes*.

Angharad Major, the site’s manager, said: "We don’t usually get visitors to our wind farm sites but we were delighted to welcome all of Hanslope primary school.

"We showed them around the site and we got them really close to the turbines. They asked some great questions of our team, but seemed to already know a lot about wind power generation."

*Please note these figures are based on onshore turbines operating at 26.06% capacity factor (2008-2012 average load factor for onshore wind from Digest of UK Energy Statistics) and assuming 4,222 is the average UK household electricity consumption in kW hours (based on DECCs publication URN:13D/310 December 2013).

EDF Energy Renewables

EDF Energy Renewables is one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies. It is focussed on the development, construction and operation of onshore and offshore wind farms and already operates over 550MW of wind farms. The company employs around 100 people and has over 1500MW of on and offshore projects in development.