5 Jun 13

Key industrial relations agreements for Hinkley Point C new nuclear project

EDF Energy has signed two important labour relations agreements with trade unions and a major contractor for the proposed new nuclear project at Hinkley Point C.

The agreements with the GMB, UCATT, Unite and Prospect unions and the main civil engineering contractor Bouygues Laing O’Rourke address the management of industrial relations, as well as pay and conditions.

The two agreements are: a Common Framework Agreement covering industrial relations, recruitment, training, apprenticeships, health and welfare and a Civils Sector Agreement concerning pay, pensions and productivity.

Having these agreements in place before the final decision to proceed with the project is an important step towards ensuring it is ready for delivery. It will strengthen productivity through a strong commitment to the safety and well-being of workers and sets a climate for positive industrial relations. The agreements demonstrate a partnership approach between EDF Energy, unions and contractors and a joint commitment to the success of the proposed project.

Hinkley Point C Construction Director Nigel Cann said: “These are important agreements for the project and having them in place now is a significant achievement. This reflects the strength of relationships between the parties involved and their commitment to make the Hinkley Point C project a success. The agreements will help set high standards for health, safety, skills and delivery. If it goes ahead Hinkley Point C has the potential to provide a huge boost to UK industry and provide the country with the secure low carbon power it needs for the future.”

Construction of Hinkley Point C could create jobs for around 25,000 people during construction, including around 5,600 people working on-site at the busiest time. Around 400 apprentices would be trained during the project and 900 permanent jobs created in the planned power station.

The project can also strengthen UK industry and trigger major investments in skills and training for the UK construction workforce.

Negotiations between EDF Energy and the UK Government on a contract for difference which would set the price for electricity produced by Hinkley Point C are continuing and both sides have characterised them as positive.