5 Oct 12

Idle Valley powered by station green team

STAFF from West Burton and Cottam power stations will be swapping their usual surrounds to spend a day at Idle Valley clearing parts of the nature reserve to encourage more wildlife into the site.

This will be the fourth year that this group from the stations has spent time at the reserve as part of the sites’ support for environmental community projects.

Idle Valley is SSSI reserve, a site of special scientific interest, due to the many different and rare migrating birds that breed there.

Leslie Gudalajtys, Business Support and Development manager, said: “We have around 40 people volunteering to help at the site for the day, which is double the usual numbers.

“In recent years we have cleared an island to make it more suitable for nesting birds and cleared land to enable a reed bed to grow and encourage more wildlife to that area.. It is great to see the fruits of our labour.”

The team from the stations, along with some members of the Notts Wildlife Trust are planning to further widen the reed bed that was worked on last year which will include clearing scrub land and removing debris to prepare the land.

Leslie added: “The team chose Idle Valley a few years ago and we have worked closely with the Notts Wildlife Trust ever since.

“It is a great team building day for us here at the stations, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to get involved with a local project that will bring benefits to the environment. After all, this is our neighbourhood too.

“It’s now open to the public and we do get to see the Idle Valley site developing into as great resource for this area.”

The team will spend the day at Idle Valley on Wednesday October 10th.