6 Dec 19
Hunterston B 

Hunterston B gives support to Ayrshire cancer charity

Hunterston B power station has given its backing to a local cancer support charity. The EDF Energy site donated £8,000 from its Scottish Charity Fund to Ayrshire Cancer Support.

The charity, which has centres in Kilmarnock and Ayr, is Ayrshire’s leading cancer charity and provides practical help and emotional support to people affected by cancer, that includes those who have had diagnosis and treatment and people who are caring for someone with cancer.

As well as a hospital transport service the charity also provides counselling, support services, complementary therapies, and run a drop in centre where people can come to seek help or have some time away from home.

Station Director, Paul Forrest, visited the Kilmarnock facility to hand-over the cheque.

“I was honoured to meet the team at Ayrshire Cancer Support and make this donation on behalf of Hunterston B power station.

He continued, “Almost everyone will be affected by cancer at some point in their lives, whether it’s through being diagnosed themselves or supporting a loved one. It’s great to know that charities like Ayrshire Cancer Support are there to try and help people through such difficult times and I’m delighted we have been able to contribute.”

Sandra McCall, CEO of Ayrshire Cancer Support said, “We would like to thank staff at Hunterston B for this donation to their local cancer charity.  Our services are available to all staff and their families who are affected by a cancer diagnosis.”

You can find out more at Ayrshire Cancer Support.

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