12 May 20
Hunterston B 

Frontline workers benefit from Hunterston B PPE donation

Hunterston B has made a further donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) to organisations in Ayrshire.

Almost 1000 facemasks have been distributed between Ayrshire Cancer Support, the Ayrshire Hospice and district nurse teams in Largs and Troon.

Workers and volunteers with these organisations are in contact with some of the most vulnerable people in the community so the donation will help to ensure that those supporting the organisations and their patients are protected during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Station Director, Paul Forrest, said: “We have been able to release some of our stock of PPE for use in the community as part of our efforts to support the local Covid-19 response.

“The people working and volunteering for these organisation do an important job and I’m pleased to have been able to give them some support at this time.”

Nicola George from Ayrshire Cancer Support, said: “The donation of masks to Ayrshire Cancer Support has been invaluable, particularly as we haven’t been able to source any ourselves. They are being used by our volunteer drivers who take immunosuppressed patients to hospital for their cancer treatment. By our drivers wearing masks, it significantly reduces the risk of infection being passed to these extremely vulnerable individuals. We can’t thank you enough EDF for helping to protect the most vulnerable in our community.”

Hunterston has previously given 1000 masks to CrossReach, which runs care homes for the Church of Scotland.

This is just one of the steps EDF is taking across the UK to support local communities during the pandemic. You can read about some of the other initiatives here.

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